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Business Software

img_10-1024x683 long-4Whether your business uses proprietary software or mass-marketed software, NetTechs is familiar with the setup and troubleshooting of a wide variety of software used in many different industries.

These common types of software include:

Enterprise (ERP/CRM) – Used for customer and resource information management
Examples – Sage, JobBOSS, GlobalShop, Sugar CRM

Documentation and Data Management – Used to create, input, and store data
Examples – Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Outlook, QuickBooks, Access, SQL

Media development – Used for the creation and editing of pictures, videos, music and more
Examples – Adobe Create Suite, Nero

Product Engineering – Used for creating and editing complex designs for creating products
Examples – AutoCAD, Solidworks, Catia

Industry Specific – Used only in specific industries
Examples – Accounting CS, EasyDental, ProTax