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Business Support

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  • "My computer is going really slow!"
  • "I can't access the Internet!"
  • "One of my computers won't start!"
  • "I just bought a new printer and I want to make sure it gets set up properly."

NetTechs has over 20 years of experience in handling the IT needs for a wide variety of businesses. Do you not have on-site technical staff? For those businesses without in-house IT personnel, we take the place of handling all your technical requests.

Or perhaps you have an IT department but have need of assistance with a project or issue that needs more a more specific skill-set than your in-house department usually requires. NetTechs has troubleshot a wide variety of subjects and has the knowledge needed to do what you require.

NetTechs also helps businesses to support their remote offices. Many businesses have IT staff for their main offices, but do not have local support for their branch offices. We can be contacted to perform whatever tasks you require in place of or in conjunction with your personnel at the main office.