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Data Security

img_10-1024x683 long-4When it comes to your data, you should plan for “What could go wrong, will go wrong.” Doing this will ensure you retain your data in the event of disaster. Two main aspects of data security are keeping the data out of other’s hands and having copies of your data in case something happens to the original data.

Security Services

Security is a big concern for today's businesses. NetTechs can help make sure your sensitive information doesn't get into the wrong hands.

Security encompasses both the hardware and software components of data. You need to protect both forms or you are running the risk of losing your data. NetTechs can help you design and implement both hardware and software tools to cover your business’ needs.

We provide the following Security Services:

  • Security Assessment - How safe are you?
  • Security Consulting - How can you be more secure?
  • Hardware/Software Firewall Installation - Don't let hackers get into your private network
  • Camera Surveillance - Surveillance using webcams is inexpensive and allows you to access them anywhere via the Internet
  • Network Security Policies - Only want your accounting staff to be able to access your QuickBooks files? NetTechs can set it up for you.
Backup Solutions

Backing up important company and personal files is an essential, yet often neglected, component of using computers in both corporate and home environments.

Backups have always been important in a business but it has become even more pertinent with the advent of ransomware. Ransomware is a virus that was created to encrypt the most common file types. This makes them unusable unless you have the encryption key – which can only be gained by paying the virus creator for – something we recommend highly AGAINST. This means, unless you pay or have a backup of your data, you can lose years’ worth of data.

Ransomware is not the only danger your data faces. There is always the danger of hardware failure, natural disasters or even user error. Nettechs helps you find the best ways to minimize the effect these threats have on your businesses. NetTechs offers consulting services on backup solutions fit to your company's needs. These range from simple external hard drive backups to comprehensive on- and off-site data redundancy solutions. We can also periodically check your backups to make sure they are functioning properly.