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Main Services

  • Windows Server
    NetTechs consultants are highly experienced in supporting Microsoft Windows Server installations. From the very start we will come in and work with you to design a Microsoft Windows Server installation that fits your needs.
  •   Network Support
    We recognize just how important the computer network is to your company. Nettechs consultants have the training and experience needed setup your network and keep it running at peak performance. And if trouble does occur, Nettechs consultants can diagnose the problem and get your network up and running again.
  • Virus Removal
    Our consultants are experienced in virus and spyware removal, and will help you choose the best programs to keep your systems clean from infection.
  • Workstations
    Businesses today require computers to do business. NetTechs can help recommend, install and troubleshoot computers to help your business increase productivity. A well-running computer can greatly impact the amount of work employees can do which means less down time and wasted time and money.
  • Business Software
    NetTechs consultants understand that different industries may or may not require different software to efficiently manage their business. We have experience in the installation and troubleshooting of a vast variety of software – both common and proprietary.
  • Internet
    When you are having internet problems or are unsatisfied with your service, NetTechs can assist you in troubleshooting or recommending a provider and plan that suits your company’s needs.
  • Mobile Devices
    NetTechs consultants have extensive experience in setting up and configuring email and apps for a wide variety of mobile devices to meet the needs of your employees.
  • Security Cameras
    We know that the security of your data and products is important. NetTechs can help you install and troubleshoot a wide variety of camera systems.
  • Microsoft Exchange
    We are highly experienced in supporting Microsoft Exchange Server. We will come in and work with you to design a Microsoft Exchange Server installation that will cover your needs now and for years to come.
  •   Data Security
    NetTechs offers consulting services on data security solutions fit to your company's needs. These range from backup solutions to access management.
  • VPN
    NetTechs has designed and implemented many VPN networks. We will find the right solution for your business to keep your office connections secure.
  • Printers & Scanners
    Whether you are looking for new devices or need assistance with getting them to function properly, NetTechs consultants are well versed and have dealt with a wide variety of brands and models – of both large and small varieties.
  • Email
    Whether you have a company email or use a common email domain such as Gmail, NetTechs has the knowledge you need to setup, configure and identify problems in your current email system.
  • Website
    NetTechs has designed and implemented several websites. We have also made necessary changes to many existing client sites.
  • Phone Systems
    NetTechs can help configure and troubleshoot your phone systems to keep your company operating as efficiently as possible.