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Proactive Support

img_10-1024x683 long-4Purchasing new hardware (or even software) can be a risky proposition. Buy hardware that is too low-end and you risk not satisfying the needs of your business, which can mean upgrading much sooner than you would like. Buying extremely high-end hardware could mean paying exorbitant prices for capabilities you might not even use.

NetTechs can consult you on your hardware or software purchase and show you what will give you the most for your money. We don't resell anything, so you don't have to worry about us being biased toward any product - we recommend what we ourselves would use. Once the product has arrived you can even have us install it for you.

NetTechs also will prepare and put on workshops or seminars for your employees to educate them on the dangers that are in the cyber world and how to prevent and avoid costly mistakes. The costliest problems often occur due to user error and lack of knowledge. Some of these dangers include viruses and malware and scams.

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