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Virus Removal

img_10-1024x683 long-4Viruses and Spyware are becoming more and more prevalent in today's world of high-speed Internet access. It can be a costly problem if they infect your computers. There are many types from key-logger viruses that track your key strokes and steal data to ransomware which encrypts your data – making it unusable – to network viruses that spread within your business network. They can be spread through downloaded files, websites, and email attachments.

They can wreak havoc with your computers, causing security breaches, pop-up ads, system instability, and application crashes. Without a good company-wide anti-virus/anti-spyware solution, infected computers can infect others on your network, spreading the problems and costing vast amounts of productivity time.

NetTechs is experienced in virus and spyware removal, and will help you choose the best programs to keep your systems clean from infection.

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